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Thumper's Picks - Week 1

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    By Thumper - <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>

    <img width="231" height="171" align="left" title="NFL Logo" alt="NFL Logo" src="http://www.hoinews.com/uploadedImages/whoi/Sports/Stories/NFL_LOGO.jpg" />Each Wednesday I'm going to give my picks for the coming week's games. Just for comparison I'll take a look each week ay how I do in comparison with HBO's "Inside the NFL". Hey if I can't beat Bob Costas, I really have no reason giving my picks to anyone.

    Rather than just giving my picks though, I'm going be predicting the scores of each game every week and give my thoughts on the game. I know I'm ready for some football that counts to start, so let me jump right into it:

    <strong>Thursday, Sept 7th.</strong>

    <strong><em>Miami 17, Pittsburgh 24</em></strong>
    Big Ben won't be playing, but the current Super Bowl Champions still will be fielding too much talent. Cullpepper was a great pickup for Miami, but a weak offensive line and defensive front that won't be able to put a lot of pressure on the QB will be Miami's downfall.

    <strong>Sunday September 10th</strong>

    <strong><em>Atlanta 20, Carolina 27</em></strong>
    Atlanta has a much improved defense, but will it be enough to stop Carolina? I think not.

    <strong><em>Baltimore 13, Tampa Bay 14</em></strong>
    Steve McNair gives Baltimore a legitimate threat at quarterback, but the Buccaneers will win this one by a hair.

    <strong><em>Buffalo 6, New England 17</em></strong>
    Tom Brady vs. J.P. Losman? We know who wins that battle.

    <strong><em>Cincinnati 24, Kansas City 19</em></strong>
    Palmer looked great in his return. No Willie Roaf makes for a tough day for LJ.

    <strong><em>Denver 31, St. Louis 24</em></strong>
    Denver was a powerhouse last year and added depth in the off season. St. Louis might have some offense this year, but defensively they are suspect.

    <strong><em>New Orleans 14, Cleveland 6</em></strong>
    New Orleans offense is in good hands, but will the defense show up? Fortunately for Saints fans, the Browns are no powerhouse this year.

    <strong><em>N.Y. Jets 9, Tennessee 10</em></strong>
    This is going to be an ugly game. Both of these teams are contenders. To bad for their fans that they are contenders for the #1 draft pick in '07.

    <strong><em>Philadelphia 28, Houston 17</em></strong>
    Is David Carr a quality NFL quarterback? Will he ever get enough protection that we can find out? McNabb wants to show the world he's bounced back and will have a field day. Super Mario will be a super non-factor.

    <strong><em>Seattle 24, Detroit 10</em></strong>
    What is Matt Millen's plan? Does he actually have one? Shaun Alexander runs for two in this Seahawks win.

    <strong><em>Chicago 19, Green Bay 6</em></strong>
    This will be this first game of a long season for Favre. Playing that Chicago defense won't help. Defense scores at least once for Chicago in this blowout.

    <strong><em>Dallas 21, Jacksonville 20</em></strong>
    This will be a close game and I almost gave it to Jacksonville just because of the home field advantage. Will TO be a distraction for Dallas? Eventually, but against the Jaguars, he's going to bring his "A" game.

    <strong><em>San Francisco 7, Arizona 18</em></strong>
    The 49er will make this young Arizona team look very good.

    <strong><em>Indianapolis 23, N.Y. Giants 17</em></strong>
    Can't they both lose? The Manning hype makes me wish they could. I would call a blowout, but Peyton doesn't want to make his sister look bad.

    <strong>Monday September 11th</strong>

    <strong><em>Minnesota 13, Washington 17</em></strong>
    Washington comes out on top in this sleeper. Parity sure is fun.

    <strong><em>San Diego 27, Oakland 14</em></strong>
    A dominating defense and Philip Rivers proves he's the real deal. San Diego just has to many weapons for this train wreck we call the Oakland Raiders.

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