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Thumper's Picks - Week 12

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
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    By Thumper
    <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>

    Chris Carter has a nice lead with his picks thus far in the season, but after a slow start I'm closing ground on the rest of the HBO pack. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and for those of you that can't make it home to see your family, at least there's football.

    <strong>Chris Carter 99-61
    Chris Collinsworth 95-65
    Bob Costas 95-65
    Dan Marino 95-65
    Thumper 94-66</strong>

    <strong>Thursday, Nov. 23</strong>

    <em><strong>Miami 20, Detroit 18</strong></em>
    Miami is on a roll, but this game could be a trap. I think Miami will still get the win, but they better hope it doesn't come down to a field goal. Miami's place kicker Olindo Mare isn't having a great season.

    <em><strong>Tampa Bay 14, Dallas 28</strong></em>
    A win over the Buccaneers this week will not only have the Cowboys right in the playoff hunt in the NFC, but could have them working towards a first week bye in the playoffs. Who would have thought this after how they started the season.

    <em><strong>Denver 27, Kansas City 20</strong></em>
    The Chiefs best chance is to rattle Broncos QB Jake Plummer early and often. The Chiefs has one of the best home field advantages in the NFL, but can a rusty Trent Green lead them to victory over this perennial powerhouse?

    <strong>Sunday, Nov. 26</strong>

    <em><strong>Arizona 13, Minnesota 20</strong></em>
    The Cardinals have some young talent, but they haven't pulled it all together yet. Maybe the word is chemistry, they don't have it. It won't help that the Cardinals will be without Bertrand Berry, one of their best pass rushers.

    <em><strong>Carolina 24, Washington 14</strong></em>
    The Panthers should be able to runt he ball against the Vikings. Panthers WR Steve Smith will also have a big day.

    <em><strong>Cincinnati 28, Cleveland 21</strong></em>
    Bengals WR Chad Johnson has finally hit his stride. How many Players do the Bengals have named Johnson anyway? WR Chad Johnson, RB Rudy Johnson, FB Jeremi Johnson, 3rd string QB Doug Johnson, & LB Landon Johnson. What does this mean? Heck if I know.

    <em><strong>Houston 20, N.Y. Jets 24</strong></em>
    The Jets defense will be able to slow down the Texans. Jets QB Chad Pennington has enough in the tank to put up some points.

    <em><strong>Jacksonville 21, Buffalo 13</strong></em>
    The Jaguars need to win to keep in the playoff hunt. Jaguars QB David Garrard has shown that he is a capable starter in the league.

    <em><strong>New Orleans 24, Atlanta 21</strong></em>
    The Falcons could win this game, but inconsistency has been their problem. It's also been the problem of those trying to pick a Falcons game. I'm taking the more consistent Saints even though their defense will struggle against Michael Vick and company.

    <em><strong>Pittsburgh 17, Baltimore 21</strong></em>
    One thing the Ravens can do is stopping the run. Steelers RB Willie Parker will struggle against this Ravens unit. Ravens QB Steve McNair has given the legitimacy on offense.

    <em><strong>San Francisco 21, St. Louis 27</strong></em>
    Rams QB Marc Bulger will connect with WR Torry Holt to end the 49ers winning streak. To bad coach Mike Nolan can't wear a suit on the sideline every week. He did look sharp.

    <em><strong>Oakland 10, San Diego 28</strong></em>
    The Raiders have proved to be one of the most inept teams in the NFL this year, while the Chargers are the most explosive. Easiest pick of the week. I think a few Raiders fans will be crying in their beers after this one.

    <em><strong>Chicago 24, New England 21</strong></em>
    This might be the game of the week and could come down to a last minute field goal. Both of these teams are built around a strong defense, but Bears QB Rex Grossman will have some success moving the ball.

    <em><strong>N.Y. Giants 24, Tennessee 20</strong></em>
    Peyton's little sister has shown she's not the QB her brother is. While Eli has been struggling as of late, the Titans have been very inconsistent this season behind rookie QB Vince Young. If the Giants defense can contain Young and keep him in the pocket, they should win this game.

    <em><strong>Philadelphia 13, Indianapolis 28</strong></em>
    The loss of Eagles QB Donovan McNabb is a great loss for this team, but beating the Colts would have been no easy task even if McNabb hadn't been injured. The Eagles are officially out of the playoff picture.

    <strong>Monday, Nov. 27</strong>

    <em><strong>Green Bay 17, Seattle 27</strong></em>
    Both of these teams have some serious injury issues. The Seahawks are going to need to get their running game on track early.

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