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Thumper's Picks - Week 16

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
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    By Thumper
    <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>

    Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas to all the readers out there, both near and far. This has been a season to remember here at BoltTalk. We started this year as a small upstart football fan site and are reaching the end with over a thousand members of our forum and a readership that stretches from San Diego to Australia and beyond. We thank you for your support.

    At the start of the season I believed that I could easily out pick all of the members of HBO's "Inside the NFL" television program. Well, it wasn't as easy as I thought. Sometimes the games don't go as they should. As the old adage goes, that's why they play them.

    I'm currently tied for second place with Dan Marino, four games behind Chris Carter. I've been doing well lately after getting off to a slow start and having to play catch up for most of the season. There are two weeks to go and I'm only four games back, so there is still a chance. Whether I do or not doesn't really matter to me. I just want to cherish what's left of this season. It's going to be one we'll remember for a long time.

    Ok, enough of the sappy stuff. Here are this weeks picks.

    <strong>Chris Carter 136-88
    Thumper 132-92
    Dan Marino 132-92
    Bob Costas 131-93
    Chris Collinsworth 130-94</strong>

    <strong>Thursday, Dec. 21</strong>

    <em><strong>Minnesota 17, Green Bay 20</strong></em>
    Is the Brett Favre's last game at Lambeau field? We won't know until Favre makes up his mind after the season. If this is the last time, at least his last home game will be a win.

    <strong>Saturday, Dec. 23</strong>

    <em><strong>Kansas City 24, Oakland 17</strong></em>
    The Raiders defense has improved as the season has progressed and they always play the Chiefs tough. They even have home field advantage. Still, there is a reason many believe this Raiders squad is the worst in the NFL. Even if they do play well, they do not finish games.

    <strong>Sunday, Dec. 24</strong>

    <em><strong>Baltimore 19, Pittsburgh 21</strong></em>
    Too bad the Steelers didn't get things going earlier in the season. At least they can relish I the fact that they're about to beat a play off contender.

    <em><strong>Carolina 14, Atlanta 24</strong></em>
    Michael Vick is suffering from a groin pull, but he'll man up and play through the pain pulling out a Falcons victory. Logic would seem to dictate that Vick will be less mobile this week, but look for him to make plays with his feet despite the injury against a Panthers team that is already making off season vacation plans.

    <em><strong>Chicago 26, Detroit 6</strong></em>
    The smartest move the Lions might make all season is to lose this game and next weeks contest against the Dallas Cowboys to retain their position for the 2007 NFL draft.

    <em><strong>Indianapolis 31, Houston 20</strong></em>
    This season might mark the end of the David Carr era in Houston. It's too bad really. Carr is a good QB, but he's never had the tools in Houston to be a winner. Look for Houston to acquire a veteran QB in the off season until they can draft and groom their next QB of the future. Hopefully Carr will land in a good situation.

    <em><strong>New England 20, Jacksonville 19</strong></em>
    This game is going to be closer than some expect. It could be a long day for the Patriots if the Jaguars are able to stop Corey Dillon and the Patriots run attack.

    <em><strong>New Orleans 28, N.Y. Giants 24</strong></em>
    Drew Brees and the Saints will prove that they are having a magical season for New Orleans. No city in America deserves it more. Oh, they'll also prove that they are the class of the NFC in this road victory.

    <em><strong>Tampa Bay 13, Cleveland 21</strong></em>
    Even with the resurgence of Buccaneers QB Tim Rattay throwing three touchdowns last week won't be enough to stop the Browns.

    <em><strong>Tennessee 18, Buffalo 21</strong></em>
    This is a very interesting match up, but I think things are really clicking now for Bills QB JP Losman. The Bills will keep their slim playoff hopes alive.

    <em><strong>Washington 18, St. Louis 25</strong></em>
    The Rams are not mathematically eliminated, but they really are on the outside looking in on the play off picture. Can they keep their hopes alive?

    <em><strong>Arizona 21, San Francisco 24</strong></em>
    The Cardinals are a young team with a lot of talent that hasn't quite figured out how to finish games yet. The 49ers started the season in a similar situation, but have made much more progress this year than the hapless Cardinals.

    <em><strong>Cincinnati 24, Denver 22</strong></em>
    Jay Cutler has made strides this season and may eventually become a serviceable NFL quarterback, but this week they are facing a very talented squad in the Bengals that will be shooting on all cylinders after an embarrassing loss to the Colts.

    <em><strong>San Diego 34, Seattle 21</strong></em>
    Injuries have hampered the Seahawks season. Now that they are relatively healthy, they just don't seem to be playing on the same page. I expect the Seahawks to rebound in a big way in 2007, but this week they are playing arguably the best team in the NFL. The Chargers are loaded with talent, but it's their confidence that has really impressed me. They expect to win and they do.

    <strong>Monday, Dec. 25</strong>

    <em><strong>Philadelphia 22, Dallas 28</strong></em>
    Many underestimated Jeff Garcia and how he would respond coming in to replace Donovan McNabb. While Garcia may have just revitalized his career, it might not be enough to over come the Cowboys. Marion Barber is my pick as the Dallas Cowboys hero this week over QB Tony Romo.

    <em><strong>N.Y. Jets 19, Miami 20</strong></em>
    This is by far the hardest game of the week to figure out. It could go either way. If the Jet win, they have a very good change to make the play offs as a wildcard team. If they lose, they probably won't make it at all. Miami, though not yet technically eliminated, is out. However, after a slow start, the Dolphins are playing good ball right now. After breaking down this game every which way I could, I've come to the following conclusion. If Joey Harrington has a good game and doesn't turn over the ball, they win, if not, they lose. Simple huh?

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