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Thumper's Picks - Week 5

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    By Thumper
    <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>

    <img width="237" height="177" align="left" title="NFL logo" alt="NFL logo" src="http://www.bolttalk.com/images/NFL_LOGO.jpg" />Ok, I call foul. After tabulating the records this week Dan Marino had a terrible week and dropped to a record of 35-25. Well when I checked the hbo.com website it shows him at 37-23. Low and behold, two of his picks had been changed. I guess Dan didn't want to look bad, but that's cheap, very cheap. I'll give you your two games Dan, but I may have to start taking screen shots before and after of the picks.

    That said, here are the current picks and pick standings.

    <em><strong>Bob Costas 40-20
    Chris Carter 40-20
    Chris Collinsworth 39-21
    Dan Marino 37-23
    Thumper 37-23</strong></em>

    Open date: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Houston, Seattle

    <strong>Sunday, Oct. 8</strong>

    <em><strong>Buffalo 13, Chicago 21</strong></em>
    The Bears are playing great football right now. The Bill's defense played a great game last week until slipping at the end, but the Bears will be too much for them this week.

    <em><strong>Cleveland 17, Carolina 20</strong></em>
    With Steve Smith back, this is a different Panthers team. Cleveland will stick around and make it close, but the Panthers will prevail on the arm of Jake Delhomme.

    <em><strong>Detroit 17, Minnesota 21</strong></em>
    Minnesota has a good defense, but has been struggling offensively. This week, however, they should have some success against a weak Detroit defense.

    <em><strong>Miami 13, New England 23</strong></em>
    The Pats make have found their back of the future in Laurence Maroney. Miami on the other hand, has had trouble scoring. The New England defense will be a difference maker in this game.

    <em><strong>St. Louis 24, Green Bay 21</strong></em>
    Favre will keep then in this one, but the Rams will be too much. I expect a big day from Steven Jackson.

    <em><strong>Tampa Bay 10, New Orleans 24</strong></em>
    The Bucs were already in trouble, then their starting QB goes down. Expect another big bag and emotional crowd to propel the Saints to victory at the Super Dome.

    <em><strong>Tennessee 10, Indianapolis 31</strong></em>
    The Colts are a scoring machine, while the Titans are a team in disarray.

    <em><strong>Washington 19, N.Y. Giants 22</strong></em>
    The giants win this game with home field advantage. Eli Manning & Tiki Barber will pose some problems for the Redskins defense.

    <em><strong>Kansas City 20, Arizona 23</strong></em>
    Was that a fluke last week against the 49ers? Maybe it was. We'll find out when the Chiefs roll into Arizona for a tough battle between two evenly matched teams. I'm giving Arizona a slight edge with the home field advantage.

    <em><strong>N.Y. Jets 14, Jacksonville 21</strong></em>
    The Jets pulled out all the tricks last week, and still didn't get the win. The Jaguars defense will keep the Jets in line.

    <em><strong>Oakland 12, San Francisco 17</strong></em>
    Both of these teams are struggling, but the Raiders look like they may the worst team in football. I think they'd be the underdog against some college programs.

    <em><strong>Dallas 21, Philadelphia 29</strong></em>
    Here it is. The first meeting of Donovan McNabb and TO since TO's departure from the Eagles. Brian Westbrook is questionable for the game, but I still think the Eagles have too much firepower for Dallas.

    <em><strong>Pittsburgh 13, San Diego 28</strong></em>
    The Chargers lost a game in Baltimore that they should have won. Expect Marty to answer his critics with a very un-Marty like game. Rivers will be allowed to throw the ball just like he did in the very first series against the Ravens.

    Monday, Oct. 9

    <em><strong>Baltimore 24, Denver 16</strong></em>
    The Ravens will rattle Jake the Snake early and often. Count on at least one score from the Ravens defense or special teams. Plummer is going to have a long day as even the Denver faithful boo this QB for bad decision making.

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