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Thumper's Picks - Week 9

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    By Thumper
    <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>

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    We're at the mid point of the season and are there any teams that stand out as clear cut favorites? The Bears and Colts are undefeated, but the Bears have had a soft schedule and almost lost the Cardinals, who may have just surpassed the Raiders as the worst team in the league. Then there are the Colts. They have a powerful offense, but can't stop the run at all. Neither of these teams will stay undefeated. Still, I have to give both of these teams top grades for their undefeated records.

    Who else can we expect to have an impact in the post season? Take your pick. The Chargers, Giants, Falcons, Saints, Patriots, Ravens, & Broncos all look good but each of these teams has some questions. Michael Vick appears to be the second coming of Steve Young the last few weeks, but will it last? Denver has been phenomenal on defense, but on offense there are questions. The Patriots always seem to be in the mix, but this team is not as good as some of their past teams. The Chargers have suddenly become thin at one of there deepest positions, LB, with Shawne Merriman serving a 4 week suspension. The Giants have been erratic early in the season and finally have a nice 3 game winning streak going. The Ravens have had some big wins, but are they really that good? The Saints are for real, but they need help on the defensive side of the ball.

    So which of these teams is going to step it up in the second half? We'll have to wait and see, but in the NFC I see good things in the second half from the Atlanta Falcons. Michael Vick just poses too many problems for opposing defenses. In the AFC I see the San Diego Chargers finishing the regular season on a strong note. They have some of the best skill players in the NFL. Add an underrated defense and you may have the most well rounded team in the NFL.

    Now turning to this week, will either of the undefeated get their first loss? I think the Bears are safe against Miami, but will the Colts prevail in New England? Take a look below to find out.
    <strong />

    <strong>Chris Carter 72-42
    Chris Collinsworth 71-43
    Bob Costas 70-44
    Dan Marino 70-44
    Thumper 68-46</strong>

    Open date: Arizona, Carolina, N.Y. Jets, Philadelphia

    <strong>Sunday, Nov. 5</strong>

    <em><strong>Atlanta 26, Detroit 17</strong></em>
    Michael Vick is now a double threat. He can run and he's thrown 7 touchdowns over the last 2 weeks. The Lions have been making opposing QBs look great. Vick doesn't need the help.

    <em><strong>Cincinnati 24, Baltimore 10</strong></em>
    Chad Johnson does a great job of running his mouth, but the best wide receiver on the Bengals is T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Expect Houshmandzadeh to have an impact on this game with multiple scores.

    <em><strong>Dallas 23, Washington 21</strong></em>
    Is Tony Romo the solution for the Cowboys? This week he will be against a soft Redskin passing defense. If Romo stays cool under pressure, the ‘boys will steal this one in Washington.

    <em><strong>Green Bay 21, Buffalo 17</strong></em>
    The ageless one, Favre, will look like the Favre of old against the Bills. The Packers defense has struggled this season, but will have a big game in Buffalo.

    <em><strong>Houston 14, N.Y. Giants 26</strong></em>
    Is the David Carr era coming to a close in Houston? Sage Rosenfels had a great second half after Carr was pulled. Carr's game will improve this week, but it won't be enough against the Giants.

    <em><strong>Kansas City 22, St. Louis 24</strong></em>
    The Chiefs were clicking on all cylinders last week. Larry Johnson ran for 4 touchdowns and Damn Huard had a career high 312 yards passing. St. Louis did a poor job defensively against the Chargers this past week. At home the Rams will rebound with a win.

    <em><strong>Miami 9, Chicago 24</strong></em>
    The Bears are fielding one of the best defenses in the league. They are playing a Dolphin team led by Joey Harrington thrown 7 interceptions this season compared to only 3 touchdowns. The 7 interception have all come over the last 3 weeks. This one should be over by halftime.

    <em><strong>New Orleans 19, Tampa Bay 13</strong></em>
    The Saints defense struggled last week against Steve McNair and the Ravens. With quarterback Bruce Gradkowski at the helm, the Buccaneers are not a powerhouse on offense. The Saints will hold Tampa Bay to a TD and a couple of field goals.

    <em><strong>Tennessee 12, Jacksonville 24</strong></em>
    The Titans are in for a long day against the Jaguars. Tennessee couldn't run against Houston, and Jacksonville is better than Houston.

    <em><strong>Minnesota 27, San Francisco 19</strong></em>
    Brad Johnson had a bad game against the Patriots. He'll have a better game against the 49ers. Home field advantage won't help San Francisco this week.

    <em><strong>Cleveland 14, San Diego 31</strong></em>
    The Browns did a great job of stopping the run against the Jets this past week, but this week they're going to have to pick their poison. If they can stop the run, Philip rivers will pick them apart through the air.

    <em><strong>Denver 13, Pittsburgh 16</strong></em>
    Big Ben has been terrible this season, single handedly losing the game against the Raiders last week. Denver has been tough on defense all year, but last week against the Colts showed they can be scored on. The Steelers will show this home crowd that they are the defending Super Bowl Champions for a reason. Expect a big dose of Willie Parker.

    <em><strong>Indianapolis 22, New England 24</strong></em>
    This game may just count for one win or one loss, but it is a big game. Payton Manning has always struggled in big games, especially in New England. Home field advantage might be the difference maker. The Pats win a close one.

    <strong>Monday, Nov. 6</strong>
    Oakland 6, Seattle 17</strong></em>
    The Seahawks have their big two weapons, Alexander & Haselbeck, out for this game, but Seneca Wallace & Maurice Morris have proven to be capable backups. This is not the same Seattle team as a year ago, but they should handle the Raiders at home without a problem.

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