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To my fellow Charger fans...

Discussion in 'Chargers Fan Forum' started by BlueandGold, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. BlueandGold

    BlueandGold The Oracle

    May 22, 2006
    ...the playoffs are here, and in spite of it all, we're in them. This coming game against Denver, for all the connotations that are attached to it, is nothing more than an extra playoff game for us. Win and we advance. Lose and we stay home. Our goal was to get into the tournament, and we have - with an extra stair on the staircase, perhaps, but we're here, now. There is no tomorrow.

    We Charger fans, collectively, are normally a skittish bunch. Like an abused dog that shies away when one reaches to pet them, we've been led on so much then smacked down hard over the years that we're afraid to trust our team. For us, nothing good lasts, optimism doesn't pay, and a good moment is inevitably followed by a bad one. And, like that abused dog, when pushed too far we tend to bite in self defense.

    To turn a phrase, we're afraid of our own shadow; or, rather, our team's shadow.

    Now, however, it's different. A shadow is nothing to fear when the world is shadow - when you're in a hole that's seemingly impossible to get out of; standing in a grave, like we were at 4-8. There is no shadow when darkness reigns.

    But, Lazarus-like, and defying many of our expectations as fans, the team refused to die. There, at the bottom, LT exhorted his team not to give up, to play through the frustration, to climb for all our worth. One excruciating hand-hold at a time, Norv Turner and his boys (with us hanging on) climbed up - two feet up, then sliding one foot, then reaching again. Many times, like with two minutes left at Kansas City, we nearly lost our grip and dangled over oblivion's yawning mouth. But again and again, when all seemed lost, guys like Philip Rivers, Darren Sproles, Quentin Jammer, Vincent Jackson, and Antonio Gates reached up - and hung on.

    Now, standing at the top of the hole we just struggled from, we are confronted once again with that dreaded shadow, that which inspires fear in us long-suffering fans.

    As I said earlier, it's different now. I, personally, no longer fear that shadow, for shadows can only be cast with the presence of light - light that, for most of this year, was missing. I behold it with a sense of relief, and an overwhelming sense of being ALIVE.

    My fellow fans, it's time to turn away from the shadow. It will always be there, but we can choose to turn away. Through all the fighting on these forums and over lunch tables, through all the boos and groans and pointing fingers, those still here have made the same climb our team has, hanging on for dear life. That we are here at all is our reward - and those who are here know that this is what being a fan is all about.

    Let's begin to turn our head and look toward the light that casts that shadow - the blinding dazzle of Florida sunlight glinting off that silver trophy. Then, on Sunday, let us - all of us - take that first step toward it.

    One game at a time. The path is clear. Let's walk it. To paraphrase Nietzsche, there is no team stronger, because we've refused to die.

    Go Chargers. :bolt:
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  2. BoltFanDC

    BoltFanDC Spanos is a Synonym for Loser

    Nov 12, 2007
    Dang, that was deep. Not to mention 100% appropriate. :icon_toast:

    It's showtime.
  3. TheLash

    TheLash Well-Known Member

    Aug 8, 2006
    Church! M-Fer!:abq2::flag::icon_toast:
  4. cranberry

    cranberry BoltTalker

    Oct 3, 2006
    Yeah very good spoken BLUE ANDGOLD

    at first it sounds like a preacher about shadow and light,

    but Nietzsche doesn't belong to a church.

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