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Visitor Disadvantage????

Discussion in 'American Football' started by boltsnow, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. boltsnow

    boltsnow BoltTalker

    Oct 13, 2006
    Does a visiting team have a disadvantage in terms of spent energy or the anticipation wearing on you? I look at it as a visiting team comes in with the only thing on their mind that Friday is the game 3 days away. Nothing really there to occupy your time, staying at a hotel probably with not much to do and all you can do is think about the game and the adrenaline wearing away at you. Come game time alot of that energy has already been spent.
    Where as a home team is in its comfort zone with family and friends to keep your mind busy and you still stay in your normal routine. So come game time you can let that energy and adrenaline out at the right time.

    Just a thought. :icon_shrug:
  2. nickelbolt

    nickelbolt Fuggedaboutit

    Aug 20, 2006
    Sometimes being away from your family and the comforts of home can be the grounding factor. It helps you focus only on the game and the job at hand.

    But in the Jets' case. They've already spent so much energy trying to to convince the world that their #1 rankings mean they are the greatest football team on the planet. I don't think they'll have enough juice to to make it through the 4th quarter.

    They still think they're playing the Raiders.

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