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Whats the depth chart gonna look like?

Discussion in 'American Football' started by MadMike, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. MadMike

    MadMike Well-Known Member

    Mar 17, 2006
    :Updated for all the recent signings...

    So with what we signed, tendered, and what we had left on the roster and PS from last year, lets see what we have left to do: (keep in mind some of these dudes are on the practice squad or people we signed at the end of the year for camp this year)

    (I am putting brackets around everyone who I dont think makes the final starting roster)

    WR: Malcom Floyd, Vincent Brown, Roscoe Parrish (Robert Goodman)
    TE: Antonio Gates, Randy McMichael, Dante Rosario, (Kory Sperry), (Brad Taylor)
    LT: Jared Gaither, Brandon Dombrowski
    LG: Tyrone Green
    C: Nick Hardwick, Colin Baxter
    RG: Louis Vazquez
    RT: Jeremy Clary, Steven Schilling
    WR: Robert Meecham, Eddie Royal, (Michael Spurlock)
    QB: Philip Rivers, Charlie Whitehurst
    RB: Ryan Mathews, (Curtis Brinkley)
    FB: Le'Ron McClain, Frank Summers

    DE: Vaughn Martin, Luis Castillo, (Charlie Bryant)
    NT: Antonio Garay, Cam Thomas
    DE: Corey Liuget, Jacques Cesaire, (Damik Scafe)
    OLB: Jarret Johnson (Start 1st and 2nd down), Antwan Barnes (In on pass downs), (Larry English)
    MLB: Donald Butler, Bront Bird, (Andrew Gachkar)
    MLB: Takeo Spikes, Jonas Mouton, (Ricky Elmore)
    OLB: Shaun Philips, Demorrio Williams, (Travis LaBoy), (Darryl Gamble)
    CB: Quentin Jammer, Shareece Wright
    CB: Antoine Cason, Marcus Gilchrist
    FS: Eric Weddle, (Nick Polk)
    SS: Atari Bigby, Darryl Stuckey, (DeAndre McDaniel)

    K: Nate Kaeding, (Nick Novak)
    P: Mike Scifres
    LS: Mike Windt

    So doing the numbers tells me we have 60 players under contract or tendered at this point. We have 7 draft picks which may end up being 9 by the time they hand out compensentory picks with 1 comp pick making 8. So without signing anyone else we could have 68 players signed. Means about 7 to 10 more or so into camp as on normal years we run about 75-78 in camp. So we have 7 to 10 spots to sign FA or Undrafteds to camp.

    I feel that 15 of these guys we have signed wont make the team but most will not get cut before camp starts so we should be trying to figure out what else we need. This is my take in order of need per the depth chart above:

    1 - Sign Antonio Garay. Cam has gotten way better but he is not ready to play there full time. We need Garay for another couple of years. If Cam and him can share time they will keep each other fresh.

    2 - Tommie Harris. Just a situational DE for us but he is needed for his experience and depth.

    3 - RB. We need a backup to Ryan Mathews. Hester is gone, looking more and more like Tolbert is gone although i'd love to have him back. If not I would love a Michael Bush type, or even a pass catcher like LT. Le'Ron can run as well, got no problems with him toting the rock down near the goalline.

    4 - TE. We need McMichael back or someone in his mold who can catch and block. I would rather grab a known quantity in Randy then worry about drafting someone to play #2 behind a health risk in Gates.

    5 - OLB in the draft first round.

    6 - SS in the 2nd round, preferably Smith from ND.

    7 - DE. Liuget had a serviceable year at DE but we need more power at the edge. I think Double J is gonna help with that but we need another DE in the mix. Either resign Luis Castillo at a lot less money or draft one in the third. Derek Wolfe, Mike Martin, Billy Winn, or Jared Quinn in the third would be solid pickups.

    What else do you all think, who makes it, who doesnt, who do we sign/draft/wave/cut?

    //Updated for the Volek release and Whitehurst and Bigby signing...
    //Updated for the super mega return team signings and Garay etc...
  2. The LBC

    The LBC I'm a Real Prick

    Jun 28, 2010
    Eh, MM... you haven't been up on the reports have you? Barron's current medical status has him uncertain for ANY participation until July/August at the earliest. Means no rookie camps, no OTA's, and he'd be coming fresh off of rehab into the hardest part of camp and the preseason. That doesn't sound like a guy all that able to make a Week 1 start to me (and that's before I even get into the fact that I don't think Barron fits our defense well at all because he can't cover NFL caliber TE's). I don't care how big of a need it is, there is absolutely NO SAFETY in this class I would draft in the 1st round, not a one.

    Draftniks aren't as in touch with what actual team front offices and scouts are saying about prospects as they'd have you think. (Guys like Kiper and McShay are horribly out of touch in this respect, and 90% of your internet draft sites are even worse) There is an absolute minimum amount of actual scouts that ever viewed Courtney Upshaw as a top 15; am I saying he's a lock to be there at #18, no, but from everything I'm hearing there's a much, much better chance he is than he isn't. Perry at #18 isn't as much of a stretch, particularly now that we have someone like Johnson on the roster because Perry doesn't have to be pressed into duties much past pass-rushing and learning the intricacies of the position as a rookie (much like what the Niners did with Aldon Smith last year). I'm not saying Johnson's an every-down guy, but he's great cover for the areas where Perry and Barnes would be expected to struggle. Other than Andre Branch and possibly Vinny Curry (though I'm still not sold he has the requisite balance - it's not as fixable as you might think), Perry has the most upside of any edge-rusher in this draft. Bruce Irvin has great athletic gifts, but ultimately he's going to max out his frame pretty quick and may not reach the strength level needed to consistently stack and shed against pro level OT's. Ingram... where to start... he'll need to be moved around a lot in order to be effective as a pro - great intangibles and motor, but there are a ton of technical flaws (not all of which are correctable) in his game and his T-Rex short arms are a HUGE cause for concern.
  3. Lancer 1

    Lancer 1 Betrayed Bolt Supporter

    Jul 10, 2006
    Good analysis MadMike,

    I wonder if we lose Tolbert, if simply holding on to Jacob Hester is being considered - probably not, but he would likely come cheap and would probably be better for us than Battle, he's good on special teams, and has been in our system with this current offensive coaching staff his entire NFL career.
  4. SuperCharger92

    SuperCharger92 Winners Win

    Sep 25, 2011
    QB - Rivers, Whitehurst
    FB - McClain, (Hester - maybe as a special teamers)
    RB - Mathews, Summers, Brinkley
    LT - Gaither, Dombrowski
    LG - Green, Schilling
    C - Hardwick, Baxter
    RG - Vasquez
    RT - Clary, Young
    TE - Gates, McMichael*, Sperry/Taylor
    WR - Meachem, Floyd, Royal, Brown, Goodman

    LDE - Liuget, Cesaire
    DT - Garay*, Cam Thomas, Bryant
    RDE - Martin, Harris*, Scafe
    LOLB - Phillips, Johnson, Gachkar
    MLB - Butler, Spikes, Williams, Mouton, Gamble, Bird
    ROLB - Barnes, English, LaBoy, Elmore
    CB - Jammer, Cason, Gilchrist, Wright
    FS - Weddle, Polk/Gilchrist
    SS - Bigby, Stuckey, McDaniel

    K - Nate Kaeding
    P - Mike Scifres

    * McMichael, Garay, and Harris will most likely be retained now we've cleared up some cap space with the Volek release. I expect them to be back.

    We'll deff look at a OLB who is a pass rushing specialist in the draft, ex - Perry, Mercilus, etc. We also need to find either a backup on the OL behind Vasquez and someone who can take over for Green if he's not performing. FS/SS could also come in the 2nd round of this draft. RB, might come in the UDFA pool/might not, and TE defiantly need to be addressed as well and possibly look at a CB and WR in the later rounds.
  5. Dublin Bolt

    Dublin Bolt BoltTalker

    Aug 12, 2006
    Bigby is such a Meh signing... another Paul Oliver nothing more. Bryant was gona be tried at O line no?. He is likely gone if he can't make it there.
  6. ThunderHorse17

    ThunderHorse17 Lone Wolf

    Apr 10, 2010
    I think the Bigby move is a good indicator that we will still look at a S in the draft.
  7. MadMike

    MadMike Well-Known Member

    Mar 17, 2006
    I knew he was coming off an injury, didnt know it was going to take him that long for full participation. Makes me think we will go OLB as behind Barron, there is nothing at SS to draft in the first round and a ton in the second/third round. I thought Barron would fit well though as we truly need a hard hitting SS to scare some people and Barron hits harder than most LB's.
  8. Blue Bolt

    Blue Bolt Persona Non Grata

    Oct 28, 2009
    Scratch Frank Summers off your list.
  9. SuperCharger92

    SuperCharger92 Winners Win

    Sep 25, 2011
    no way lol.. Bigby is a way better coverage player and tackler than Oliver's A$$ ever was..

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