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Who Would You Take?

Discussion in 'Chargers Fan Forum' started by SuperCharger92, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. SuperCharger92

    SuperCharger92 Winners Win

    Sep 25, 2011
    I'll post the Chargers' current roster and you pick the guys you want on your team in 2012, obviously we need some kind of change.. Hopefully its defiantly at COACH.. but also we need an overhaul on our roster.. I know we can still make the playoffs with the current roster and turn it around but its very very slim.. I'll believe til we are completely out of it but we aren't going far.. so..

  2. SuperCharger92

    SuperCharger92 Winners Win

    Sep 25, 2011
    well to start..
    QB - Rivers, Volek
    RB - Mathews, Tolbert, Brinkley, Todman
    FB - Hester, Summers
    WR - Jackson, Brown, Goodman
    TE - Gates, Sperry, Taylor
    T - McNeil, Clary, Schilling, Dombrowski
    G - Dielman, Vasquez, Greene, Moll
    C - Hardwick, Mruzkowski, Baxter
    DE - Castillo, Liuget, Martin, Thomas, Garay
    LB - Phillips, Barnes, Butler, Spikes, Cooper, Mouton, Gachker, Gamble, Brown
    DB - Cason, Gilchrist, Hughes, Wright, Gregory, Weddle, Stuckey
    ST - Kaeding, Scifries, Windt

    49 players out of a 68 that are on PS and IR..
  3. rickochey

    rickochey BoltTalker

    Nov 13, 2011
    Tolbert, Brinkley
    VJ, Brown, Crayton
    Gates, McMicheal
    Hardwick, McNeil, M-ski
    Cesaire, Garay, Harris, Luiget, Martin, Thomas
    Phillips, Diggs, Barnes
    Scifres, Novak Windt

  4. Ride The Lightning

    Ride The Lightning Join the Dark Side, we have cookies.

    Aug 15, 2006
  5. gonzokrb

    gonzokrb Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2006
    QB- Rivers. Volek
    RB- Tolbert, Brinkley, Todman, Sommers (FB)
    WR- Jackson, Brown, Crayton, Goodman, DRAFT
    TE- Gates, McMichael, Sperry
    OL- Dielman, Dombrowski, Green, Hardwick, McNeil, Schelling, DRAFT, DRAFT!!
    DL- 4-3 defense - Cesaire, Harris, Martin, GAray, Liuget, Thomas, DRAFT, DRAFT!
    LB- Barnes, Butler, Phillips, LaBoy, Spikes, Mouton, Gamble, DRAFT
    DB- Gilcrist, Gregory, Jammer (S), Oliver, Weddle, Wright, DRAFT
    Special Team- Place Kicker with leg, Scifres, Windt(LS)
    49 players so far and a SShit full of coaches plus one GM!!!
  6. AnteaterCharger

    AnteaterCharger Carpe Diem et omni Mundio Staff Member Super Moderator Podcaster

    Jan 19, 2006
    QB - Rivers Volek
    RB - Mathews (not starting), Tolbert, Brinkley
    FB - Summers, Hester
    WR - Brown, Walters, Jackson (unsure)
    TE - Gates
    OL - Mcneil, Dielman, Baxter, Dombrowski, Mrzucowski, Schilling
    DL - Martin, Liuget, Garay, Thomas,
    LB - Barnes, Phillips, Spikes, Mouton, Butler
    DB - Gilchrist, Wright, Weddle, Hughes (maybe), Traye Simmons (on PS), Gregory (backup)
    ST - Novak (but draft someone to challenge him), Scifres, Windt
    Coaches - Joiner, the OL coach, Pagano
  7. SuperCharger92

    SuperCharger92 Winners Win

    Sep 25, 2011
    Cuts/Releases For Me
    Floyd - Guy spends more time in the trainers office than anything else.. why would we pay him 2 mill for that ****? DRAFT or pick up a solid 3rd receiver and promote Brown cause that guys gonna be something
    Crayton - Garbage punt returner.. doesn't even run solid routes either..
    McMichael - I remember he screamed at Rivers one time for a throw that was directly in his hands that he dropped.. I know he played FB and it showed his team spirit and what not.. but we could use an upgrade a more blocking TE but also a guy who can go out and catch the ball.. DRAFT or Pick Up
    OL - I really like it.. We did a good job yesterday.. were also a veteran O-line too thats been together so we should keep them together - See my OL
    Cesaire - Guys just too OLD.. Too SLOW.. DRAFT or bring in a guy like Osi, Mathis, Dockett, Ngata, Mario Williams who will be free agents.. need one game changer..
    Bird - Kids garbage, has made stupid.. STUPID penalties this year so far in his limited role..
    Spikes - I meant to cut him.. Just hasn't worked out.. he hasn't brought intensity to our defense or anything he's also way too SLOW.. DRAFT or pick up a solid LB, EJ Henderson and JON BEASON (PLEASE) are guys out there.. We need Cooper back as well he was such a great communicator in there knew the defense really really well and a solid tackler..
    LaBoy - Not good.. simple as that
    Jammer - I know what this guy has meant to our team the last 8-9 years.. but hes showing age.. I'd rather stick with Cason who is having a terrible year.. but he can still improve..
    Oliver - BUM.. we need to DRAFT a top SS or grab one in free agency or go with Stuckey.. Gregory is not a starting SS.. he is a role player..
    Sanders, English - Don't need to explain..
    Polk - No thanks..
    Novak - I would just use him for possibly kick offs.. I know we signed him for 2 years but Kaeding is a hell of kicker and has a better range and leg.. so.. PS most likely for Novak..
  8. Moses

    Moses Can You Stand The Rain?

    Mar 11, 2009
    Most players should be kept, ones like LaBoy or Sanders and fringe players could be cut, but for the most part we have some good building blocks and some players who in a normal situation would be good dept squad players.

    Someone like Steve Gregory is a good player who adds value and does his job, however he's a squad player and not a starter. Not his fault that the start got injured, and he's done the best he can or what you could expect of him. The issue is not with him, it's that we need a new starting safety so he can go back to being the player he is suited to being.

    Basically what i'm saying is we have lots of players who probably shouldn't be starters but wouold make nice rotation players.

    Same deal with players like Spikes, he wasn't to be an every down player, just with injuries that's how it has gone.

    I'll stick up for English here and say i'd like him back for 1 final year. Not as a starter because i believe our biggest priority is findign a stud pass rusher in the draft, but as a project back up type player, and partly because i love a good redemption story and a lost cause haha.
  9. The LBC

    The LBC I'm a Real Prick

    Jun 28, 2010
    QB: Rivers, Volek
    RB: Mathews, Todman, Tolbert (if cost-effective; sorry, but he's not worth overpaying for)
    FB: Hester (only because he'll re-sign cheap and he does add a boon on ST)
    WR: Jackson (unless he can fetch something greater than a 2nd round pick in a tag-and-trade; let's be honest, Rivers has become a little "too dependent" on him), Brown, Floyd (no sense in cutting him unless someone outplays him, he's signed cheap), Goodman (debatable... he's riding a futures contract right now; I'd much rather just make a moderate offer to someone like Eddie Royal)
    TE: Gates
    OT: McNiell, Dombrowski (If he re-upped cheap on back-up money) - Either way we need a new starter at RT; Schilling's a better fit at guard, Clary's complete crap, and Dombro is a reserve-at-best kind of guy. I'd almost just as soon re-sign Moll if Dombro asks for too much money because Moll's versatile.
    OG: Dielman, Vasquez (though he should not be gifted his starting spot), Green, Schilling
    OC: Hardwick (really hoping we either extend him before the season's up or he stays loyal... honestly I'd be down to tag him over VJ since he's more important - and no, I'm not kidding)
    DE: Liuget, Castillo, Harris, Cesaire (dependent on whether Martin or Thomas wins the NT job, but I'd much rather just offer the guy an Asst. DL coach spot)
    NT: Martin, Thomas (open TC battle between the two)
    OLB: Phillips, Barnes, Brown, Gachkar
    ILB: Spikes, Butler, Mouton
    CB: Jammer, Gilchrist, Cason, Hughes
    S: Weddle, Oliver (if he re-signs cheap he's better than Gregory for what we need and he's at least a good stop-gap), Wright - I will say, if we're picking in the Top 15 (which it's looking like right now... and we have a chance to even sniff Dre Kirkpatrick - I'm taking him and moving him to safety since he's the closest thing this class has to an elite prospect at the position... and him plus actually playing press-man versus soft/cushion-zone coverage, along with an actual pass-rush, would make a world of difference for guys like Cason and Gilchrist. Worst case scenario, is moving Jammer to safety and starting Kirkpatrick at CB.
    P: Sci-Fi
    K: Novak

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