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Worst game of the year, blow it up!

Discussion in 'Chargers Fan Forum' started by Cyanide Mint, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Cyanide Mint

    Cyanide Mint BoltTalker

    Oct 20, 2008
    Yesterday’s loss against Atlanta was the worst loss of a season filled with disappointment. That was the most meaningful game of the season by far, literally do or die. Denver took care of business away against a team that the odds makers had their opponents winning by 9 and a half.

    What’s lacking is heart, from the players right down to the coaching staff.

    At this point in the season, if the Chargers completely blew this team and coaching staff up (Ok, Merriman is excluded from this rant) there's not one person I would miss. That includes Tomlinson and Rivers.

    I feel Rivers stats overshadow how bad he his when it counts. How many brutal fumbles/safeties/interceptions occurred at pivotal points in the game? Remember when we had a quarterback like Doug Flutie (his pro bowl year), we could be down late and YOU KNEW something magical was gonna happen... Lately I get that feeling when I watch Payton Manning.

    It also includes Tomlinson. All year he has been an average back, and lately he looks like he's moping around the bench. If you listen to him speak I think he's alluding to the fact he's almost done.

    I think everyone and this team should be considered for removal and replaced with the best we can do from the draft. I really think this era of Charger football is over, it was built for last year. We need to build another new era.

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